Intolerable – 100 Word Fiction

When my friend opens her mouth, hatred and ugliness comes flying out. I look at my wife who mirrors my quizzical expression and we wonder how one person could hate everything so much? True, she’s not rich, but certainly not poor either. She isn’t an ugly woman. She has a loving husband, nice children and a few wonderful grandchildren.
Perhaps age is creeping into her mind and she’s feeling mortal.
Has she been angry for so long that it just seems normal or does she just enjoys being angry.
I have to wonder, does she care that she’s becoming intolerable?

Dumb Joke – My daughter has learned to count.

Yesterday, we took our daughter to a friend’s house to attend their son’s 5th birthday party. We were exhausted when we got home so she went right to bed and I fell asleep watching the ball game. At about 11:50 last night I felt a tug on my sleeve.
“Daddy,” she whispered. “Guess how old I’m going to be next month.”
“I don’t know, beauty,” I said as I slipped on my glasses. “How old?”
She smiled and held up four fingers.
It is 7:30 now.
My wife and I have been up with her for almost 8 hours.
She still refuses to tell us where she got them.

Author Unknown

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Non Inspirational Quotes

You hear some pretty strange things while checking people out. If I ever held any hope for the future of mankind, well…

“Last night, the internet was down for over 30 minutes. I mean, the world could have ended and I would never have known about it.” – A 17 year old co-worker talking to another employee.

“I’m tired of being broke all the time.” She tweeted from her $2000 phone. – a twenty something wife talking to her friend while waiting in line to purchase $300 dollar shoes.

“The lines are always so long in this store and I refuse to use the self-checkout. I don’t work for this store. Next time, I’ll just order it from Amazon.” – A 60 year old woman talking to her husband.

How do determine who to vote for in the 2020 elections.

Vote for Trump if…

  • You think the way to make America great is to belittle the leaders of other countries and then try to demand that they do what you say.
  • You think that keeping condoms out of schools will keep teenagers from having sex.
  • You think Jesus shares your hatred of homosexuals, Hispanics, Muslims, Native Americans, women, Chinese, Koreans, Germans, Italians, Puerto Ricans, scientists, democrats, newspapers and poor people.
  • You think a woman can’t be trusted with the decisions about her own body but multi-billion dollar insurance companies can dictate how all Americans are treated.
  • You think that the way to solve poverty is by letting people keep more of their minimum wage.
  • You think, “Clean air…it looks clean to me”.
  • You think Global Warming is something the Democrats made up in order to scare people.
  • You think, “We could just bomb the damn thing.”
  • You think that Jesus was a capitalist and opposed welfare.
    You think that you need ten assault rifles just in case a bear invades your home.
  • think people are fleeing their impoverished countries where they are subject to rape, slavery or murder just so they could come to America to join a street gang and be on welfare.
  • You think that people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps even though they can’t afford to buy shoes.
  • You believe that it is all fake news.

Vote Democratic if…

  • You believe that Obama should be on Mt. Rushmore.
  • You still have a bumper sticker on your Prius that says, “Hillary for President.”
  • You can’t talk about foreign policy without using the word collusion.
  • After looking at your paystub, you can still say, “Americans will have to be willing to sacrifice for the greater good of everyone.”
  • You keep a record of how many people you know in each racial, ethnic or sexual orientation category.
  • You think that thousands of loggers can be without a job so some spotted owl can keep its tree.
  • You still expect to collect Social Security when you get old.
  • You think ‘Free Market’ is any store that will take food stamps.
  • One of your high school yearbook goals was, “Helping people.”
  • Your high school yearbook listed you as, “Most likely to become a Vegan.”
  • You faithfully read ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’.
  • You firmly believe that a 95% flat tax will solve everything.