Happy Mother’s Day

Let me start by saying that being a mother has to be the hardest and possibly the most thankless job in the world.

Just take a look at what the average mom will go through in the 6570 days (18 years) until her brood finally leaves home. But can she rest then…No. Then her work really starts after they return home with grandchildren.

Meals cooked – 3 times per day @ 60 minutes per meal = 821.25 Days

Dishes washed – being conservative to say once a day for 30 minutes = 136.875 days

Laundry – once per week @ 6 hours = 234.65 days

Grocery Shopping – once per week @ 3 hours 117.32 days

Being a doctor to colds, mumps, measles, teenage depression, husband’s bad day at work…etc. – 273.75 days

Sleep – 6 hours per night if she is lucky – 1642.5

Cleaning up the mess around the house – Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, picking up dirty underwear stuffed under the kid’s bed. – 547.5 days

That works out to be 3773.84 Days

That leaves 2796 days or (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)

2.39 hours per day… to work her full time job of 40 hours a week

So this is for you dear mother



You are the strength and determination

That keeps the gears of life greased

With your inspiration

You are the compassion, the forgiveness

The hope, the love

The dreams fulfilled

You are the safe haven

Those happy memories

The joy, the life, the beginning

You are the sleepless, scared and scarred

The comforter of the sick and week

You are without complaint

You are



Jerry Brotherton

The Backyard Poet


©All Rights Reserved 2017

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