Book of Life

Tuesdays will be poem of the week blogs. Some of the poems might be previously posted or from my current book – Incoherant Ramblings of an Old Man

Others will be from my upcoming book ( Book of Life- More Ramblings from an Old Man)

This weeks poem, is the pilot piece for that book as I attempt to take you on my journey through my Life..

I am still trying to find the voice of the Backyard Poet as I move along my path. Please feel free to comment and let me know how I am doing.

Book of Life

My book of life lies open

Its final chapter waiting to be exposed

Some of my pages are torn or faded

The story has taken long so long to compose

Many who read the early lines

Moved on and shelved my book

Others were merely passing by

Sometimes to stop and take a look


Some would begin in the middle

They do not know the start

That does not mean they’re less important

Or have a smaller place in my heart


Some have found me quite by accident

While dusting off their shelves

Some stuck around and began to read

Others moved on by themselves


But you have been there since page one

My true and faithful friend

Despite all my mistakes and faults

You will read me until…THE END

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