Things I Have Already Learned from Blogging

So, I’ve only been in this blogging business for a week now and I can honestly say that it’s already taught me a few valuable lessons. But this is why I blog to begin with. So that I can grow as a person and perhaps leave my grandchildren with a better understanding of who I am. Yes, I think this should be whom but that just doesn’t sound right to these backyard ears. If along the way, I happen to entertain you a little then that’s just a plus.

Lessons I’ve Learned in Such a Short Time

  1. Don’t give advice to anyone that didn’t ask for it. They probably won’t listen to me anyway.
  2. Don’t take negative feedback personal. Just remember that for every person that likes my work there is another that hates it. It’s sad, but the haters are usually the most verbal. (Or maybe it just feels that way)
  3. Not everyone will understand what I’m trying to say. No matter how clever I think I am. Sometimes you just have to come right out and say what you want them to know.
  4. I think that most people get into blogging with the belief that all they have to do is write a few words every now and then and the world will flock to their door. If only that was true. Blogging is hard work if I want to have my creation grow and flourish. But, I also need to follow my own advice and get up from the computer every now and then and see what the world is like outside my office or work.
  5. I need to invest in a better camera. Sifting through those grainy photos on my phone is not only time consuming but also frustrating.
  6. If I don’t understand something technical…ask (usually my son) for help. There’s way too much information out there for this old man to absorb. It takes a few minutes to ask compared to hours finding the information on my own.
  7. For every 10 ideas I have, maybe one will work into something.
  8. I am not a very disciplined or even a very good writer. But I do have great friends, family and followers.
  9. Finally, I have learned that there are good and bad people everywhere. Some people’s only purpose in life is to troll the internet looking to cause hate and discontent. I choose to ignore them.

14 thoughts on “Things I Have Already Learned from Blogging

  1. I liked your honest and detailed explanation. when I started blogging a year ago I just wanted to write. and its been an amazing journey for me. ups and downs but always a place to call my writing home. I wish you much success!

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  2. SueM

    I thoroughly enjoy your writing style, your blog, and honesty. It’s refreshing and why I started following you. 🙂 Stay true to yourself and your personality; don’t let the negative, harsh critiques get you down. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful to have found you via your ‘Follow’ on my Blog! Thank You for that ‘Follow’ and the “Like’ on my Facebook page 😀
    I love your openness and the way you write. Looking forward to more!!! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for choosing to follow my humble blog! I have not been posting for about three months as I have been volunteering for four mornings a week. Now that that my volunteering is done, I am trying to get back to posting. All the best to you as you try something new! Cheers!

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  5. Please Mr i love your writings you are good please help me as a young determined young poet from Africa develop way more and please can you kindly assist me in getting more people to like my page I believe that from comments we are able to develop in our writing skill and I only have you just a young poet who wishes to see his work worldwide.


  6. Welcome to the blogging world! I’ve been at it for a little over three years now. Why I started my blog (an excuse to continue to write after I retired from the corporate world) is so different from why I continue (writing, yes, but also the wonderful, supportive, amazing blogging community). I like what I’ve read on yours… thanks for the follow and I’m happy to follow back (not something I do automatically). I like the way you write!

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