A Letter to the World

For my friends in the U.K. and around the World

It’s times such as these that I wish I could pull some great words of wisdom from the air and lay them out on paper in such a manner that they would make some sense of it all. If only I could reach into my heart and extract those feelings that are there and give them to you so that you might use them as a blanket to protect you and perhaps ease your pain. If I could I would shield you with my pen and write for you a future without sorrow, without hunger, without hatred and without war…because that is what you truly deserve. But I do not have that power. Only God can make the ultimate decisions in how our lives will turn out and we must trust in his wisdom that all things will be provided for us in the end.

9 thoughts on “A Letter to the World

  1. Such beautiful thoughts and even though they might not make sense
    of pain and sadness , your words – being prepared to extract your
    feelings from the heart to make a blanket for all to find some comfort, –
    do make sense and touch deeply.

    Wonderful Jerry

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