Old Grey Men

In uniforms that long ago fit

The grey bearded men watch longingly

As marching ranks with emotions lit

Take the call to arms so anxiously

What is in their minds this solemn day

As their grandchildren march off to war

Do they fear for them or do they pray

That they would be called upon once more

To take up arms and defend their home

Upon some distant and lonely shore

To embrace old friends and sign the tome

To stand proud in battle like before

If cannon’s roar deals a final blow

Pushing eternal rest their way

Would be an end they’d like to know

To be buried where fallen comrades lay

With misty eyes and canes held high

A final salute from old grey men

Who know their fate is to wait to die

And not know the taste of war again

13 thoughts on “Old Grey Men

    1. To be one is to know one I suppose. Though no war has touched my soul, the camaraderie shared is the same. I remember the faces and names of people I only knew for, in some cases, for just months.


  1. firstly I am always pulled to rhyme and this one was a perfect one for me, secondly I have a huge attraction to war stories and real people from those times, thank you for sharing and writing a really poignant piece of poetry, your deep empathy clearly in every words and line for these special men of all time.

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      1. this touched a raw nerve, I have had this on my list what to write next, as I read I tend to write thoughts in my journal, watch out next week, you may get a mention in my cafe chat post. and as writers that fear makes us write and want to have our thoughts out there before we do leave. thank you for your musings that inspires mindfulness.

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