To Post or Not to Post

I read that question, “What’s on your mind?” I type my words into the empty box, place my finger on the return key, and stare at the screen…and stare…and stare.

I’ve filled the little white space with my thoughts. In my mind, I know that it’s the most beautiful thing that’s ever been written in the history of writing. But still, there is some part of me that just can’t convince my finger to hit the post button. So the minutes tick off the clock and the sweat runs down my arms and drop into pools on the floor. My mind begins to doubt itself. After all, this is the place that all my family and their friends go to when they want to know the last time someone farted.

What if I’ve done something dumb.. like typed ‘hit the post butt’. I better check again just to make sure. Even worse, what if no one likes what I have to say? What if I check later and see that nobody has liked or commented on it?

OMG! What if my friends and family are sitting around the kitchen table right now laughing at my futility? What if I go to work tomorrow and my co-workers are huddled around the water cooler, glancing over their shoulder at me and snickering; asking each other if they read that garbage that I had left for them.

What if, because of my post, the alien life forms that have been watching us through their viewing screens decides that they’ve had enough and send their laser-eyed zombie robots to put an end to us? How could I possibly live with the knowledge that I single-handedly destroyed the world?

Oh wait…

So I click the magical button that throws my words into cyberspace. Now there’s nothing to do but chew on my fingernails and wait.

Oh, the agony and the joy of it all.

Facebook Post

Facebook is a wicked but wonderful world

Like a house built out of glass

I let my thoughts and emotions unfurl

To any who comes scrolling past

I cry out to those passers-by

Not knowing if they hear my plea

But still I know that I must try

To get someone to stop and love me

Will you be the one to share me with your friends

Hurry, my time in the newsfeed fades fast

Or will you be the one that does not hit send

And just keeps scrolling on past

12 thoughts on “To Post or Not to Post

  1. I really love your poem and understand your very human worries.
    Well, you can abandon that insecurity now as you do write both fun and

    Your thoughts before the poem has me in stitches. Funny and yet showing the vulnerable side of yourself and thus also of many of us.


  2. Jerry I had to re read this, which after some time most people know me best by that one trait, love of rereading stuff, and i so enjoy your humour and wit. I do not think for a moment you sweat that much contemplating to hit the post butt! ooops are always happening, the more you write the more oops you will produce, and in those little oops moments something precious will be found.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You sum up Facebook very well. ‘A house made of glass’. I detest Facebook, with its playground spitefulness, and exclusion of the unfortunate. The mindless re-posting of equally mindless musings, and the contact with ‘contacts’ that are nothing more than that.
    A life wasted before an electronic screen, seeking affirmation from relative strangers.
    The negatives outweigh the positives too heavily. At least for me.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

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