The Family Reunion

Now you knew that I was going to mention it sooner or later. Just to let you know that it is out there. The Incoherant Ramblings of an Old Man is available to order. Yes, I know that I spelled IncoheRANT incorrectly. But it was my poor attempt at witticism that I am afraid failed miserably. So to all those that caught the misspelling and thought it was just some feeble mind at work, I thank you. For those that didn’t, I wouldn’t worry. You’re in good company. Even the proofreader (my wife Deb) said it went right over her head and she is the second smartest person I know.

So let’s get down to it. I will be at the Brotherton/Wheeler family reunion on June 17th to sign copies of the book to anyone who is interested. The cost of the book will be a donation to the reunion committee. If you are not sure where that money goes, it goes to help pay for the reunion expenses, the cemetery fund to help with maintenance etc. I will be asking for a $5 donation but whatever you can afford will be acceptable.

For those of you (nearly everyone) who are unfamiliar with The Incoherant Ramblings of an Old Man, it is my 128 page book, containing 114 Poems, Short stories, and Snipits. I also have several signed copies of M.A. Brotherton’s books Choices and Fallout the first two books in his Seven Keys Saga.

If you just can’t wait or will not be able to make it to the reunion then you can purchase the book from amazon for 6.99 or

The e-book from Kindle

If you need a signed copy mailed to you then I can do that to. The cost will be 6.99 + 3.01 freight for a total of $10. Just email me at

I am looking forward to seeing everyone, eating lots of scrumptious food, and scoring some major finds from the auction.

See you there. By the way, I’ll be the short fat guy and trust me, you’ll hear me long before you see me. So you’ll have plenty of time to run away.

Family and Friends  are Forever

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