Whispers of Change

In America there is talk of changes coming

Revolution is the tune that we’ve been humming

We’re all standing on the ledge

They’re trying to push us over the edge

To politician standing below just waiting for us


It started off with whispered words in backroom places

From the shadows it took to the streets through nameless faces

At the start the song was soft and low

But then our emotions began to grow

Now we’re shouting the truth to all who’ll hear us


Our leaders have showed us that they are useless

They proved long ago how they have a hatred for us

Discriminate against poor or old

By turning healthcare into gold

Our human rights will all be sold to line their pockets


In America, we must act while we still have the right

It’s not too late for us all to stand up and fight

Join us now and yell their name

They’re the ones who hold the blame

Without change it will be the ending for us


Don’t let the government take our freedoms from us

Let us set the world ablaze with our chorus

Our voices ring out through the night

To show the world what’s wrong or right

Together we can make a better place for us

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