Now He’s Working for the Man

Not long ago a son of mine

Not much more than a child

Was a rebel against a system

So young, free and wild

But the government discovered him one day

Standing in the unemployment line

They took him into their confidence

And rebuilt his thoughts one brain cell at a time

From Henley tee’s and Chuck Taylors

To silk shirts and ties he moved

From rebellion to conformity

His individuality they removed

Now he peddles their inadequacies

Their selfishness and greed

Thumbs tucked into suspenders

To emphasize his maturity

I’m pretty sure he has them fooled

And is a double agent for humanity

10 thoughts on “Now He’s Working for the Man

  1. so much I sense in your words, a not so simple poem to read, as parents we can only love the child and try to accept that they have become an adult. With choices of their own, and wonder did we cultivate those? This poem resonates with me deeply as my own children start making choices of their own.


  2. Pablo Cuzco

    Thank you for this refreshing reversal on the age-old question: What’s the matter with kids these days? My children have continued as rebellious college student types well into their thirties. I was wondering where I went wrong? Now I see they’re simply keeping the faith. Your son may yet come around.

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