I’d like to sing to you a lullaby

To make all your troubles disappear

Tell you there is no need to cry

That you will never know hate or fear


But I must tell you about the boy in class

With a gun tucked in his backpack

And how life can be taken in a flash

And some mistakes can’t be taken back


I would like to tell you a Fairy Tale

Of how friendships made will never end

And true love will always prevail

A world where evil will never win


But I have a different story to tell

About the maniac with a bomb in his car

Planned his action far too well

And left the shopping mall a lifeless char


I would like to hold you in my arms

To place a kiss upon your brow

Tell you I will keep you safe from harm

And always be there for you somehow


But a different song of fate I must sing

Not “Hush Little Baby, Don’t say a Word”

‘Cause the world is filled with monstrous things

With boiling blood and hatred stirred


So sleep tonight under a peaceful sky

Let tomorrow bring what may

I can only promise you that I will try

To keep all the monsters away

41 thoughts on “Lullaby

  1. so many things I want to shield my kids and young people from but the world keeps changing drastically with each loss of life seems our immunity to terror increases. a most touching and meaningful poem.

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      1. This is what we are slowly becoming. And how do we go back to just looking out for each other? I appreciated this poem very much, and you standing up for what you believe in.


  2. A beautiful poem Jerry, I was at first lulled into peace.
    You then brings us to very urgent and topical truths.
    Let us not forget though that among all this dread lives love,
    and out of the two – love is strongest.

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  3. Reblogged this on Go Dog Go Café and commented:
    In light of events around the world of senseless violence and apathy to the sanctity of human life please read this poem by Jerry the Backyard Poet. Read it then share it. We all need to start looking out for each other and not ignoring what happens around us. Thank you Jerry.


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