Family Reunion

Just one more week until the long anticipated Brotherton/Wheeler family reunion.

From Joyce at the Brotherton/Wheeler Facebook page

I know you all have marked a big red circle on the 17 th of June to remind you to come to the Brotherton/ Wheeler Family reunion and you are working on your ” Tree of Life” Tee shirt. Remember, your imagination showing up on your shirts will be judged and you will not be disappointed if you are the lucky winner, 2 nd place, or 3 rd. Place. Prizes you know. And how about getting to see Jerry and Debbie this year, not to mention getting a chance to own one of his books. Also get your recipes out, whip up a dish ( or dishes) if that is your thing, and enter our cooking contest. Again the categories are meat dish, casserole of any kind, good ole salads, and of course desserts. Pick your favorite and get- ER- done! Lastly, the auction. If you have something in your closet or in the garage just taking up room and not being used at your house, think about maybe bringing it on out to the auction. It may be just what someone in the family has been looking for. Proceeds from the auction keep the reunions going and we have managed to give to the cemetery fund to help keep things done so when we go visit loved ones we see their resting places looking groomed.
but the most important thing about these reunions is we all get to keep in touch with each other, get to know more about each other, and the chance to make good use of one more year together.
See everyone on the 17 th!

I hope to see everyone there.

If you can not attend and would like a copy of  The Incoherant Ramblings of an Old Man

Please email me and we’ll work something out.

Deb and I are really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

2 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. Jerry, I love your happy and caring post. It all sounds to be so much fun,
    we should all do more of this I think.
    The photograph immediately makes you feel relaxed and just want to sit there.
    I haven’t got any dungarees though… that o.k.😊 .

    Have a wonderful day

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  2. Every one is welcome. each reunion has a theme. This year, it is ‘Family Tree” where our shirts will have our lineage. Something like, Hi I’m Matt, son of Jerry, son of Arlie, son of … as far back as you can go. One year, we numbered almost 500. So come on down and sit a spell. You get a prize for coming the farthest.

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