A Retail Life

Around my workplace there is a buzz about my book ‘The Incoherant Rambling of an Old Man’ and a few of my co-workers asked me if I could dedicate something to them. So here is my dedication to you, Anna Bannana, Jake, Lynn, and Kindra. This one is for you.  To the rest of the world…hope you enjoy it to.

This one’s for Jake because you suck in apparel
This one’s for Anna who’s just drifting along
This one’s for Lynn who Groots-out to Star Wars
This one’s for Kindra who just sings her own song

A Retail Life

I trudge through the side entrance

Past the wall of Pepsi products

Down the aisle between

Beauty aids and bedding

Passing stacks of toilet paper

As Seen on TV and Sporting goods

Deeper into the insatiable appetite

Of American consumerism

I enter through the door marked


Climb the stairs to exchange my freedom

For a badge number and a pricing gun

To trade my free-will for numbness

I am now doomed to lurk up and down

These never ending corridors

Seeking, probing…Forever searching

For the end of the day

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