Things I learned in My Youth

Maple trees are easiest to climb

Oak trees offer the grandest view

Willow trees are better to hide behind

If someone is looking for you

Love thy neighbor is always right

But lust is usually a sin

In a fight between a fist and a nose

The fist will always win


Don’t raise your hand just to impress a girl

If you don’t know the answer

Don’t take her to a hockey game

If you’re trying to romance her

We’ll keep in touch means it’s the end

Despite your good intentions

Because out of sight means out of mind

Due to inattention

24 thoughts on “Things I learned in My Youth

  1. love love these sort of poems you write, like advice from a wise man who has lived life so fully yet purposefully. Though may I disagree with one line? “We’ll keep in touch means it’s the end” – I beg to differ, I said this to someone but nevertheless he persisted and the results have been phenomenal! you never know until you try every last corny line!! LOL!!

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      1. haha oh i didn’t mean to correct you, I just thought it was so funny that you mentioned it. The first time I visited friends in the States is when I met him, and I had this list of particularly American things I wanted to do. One of them was to go to an ice hockey game, so he took me to one. I absolutely loved it!

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  2. Norma Aiello

    Jerry your writing never ceases to amaze me. You have such an amazing way of putting life into words, If more of us would or could remember our child hood and what those memories mean we would all be better off.I hate to say it, but technology has taken a hold of the children today so they won’t experience the things we did as children and have those memories.

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  3. Psx :)

    I’m in my final year of high school and I could relate to the first half easily and for some reason (though sad) I can imagine myself relating to the second half of this. You have a beautiful way of writing, I appreciate it a lot.

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