August 25th, 1973


We watched the barefoot children in green yards dart through shadows, playing their childish games. We saw their innocents and we knew that…

They were not us


Through open doors and windows we saw them staring blankly at their flickering screens. They were sitting so close yet ignoring each other. Wishing…

They could be us


There was an old couple sitting on their front porch, fading from life. They smiled and waved, trying to remember a time when they knew…

How to be us


We pause for just a moment beneath the street lights glow, your hands in the pockets of my jeans and mine on your shoulders. Our souls touched and we were…

Happy to be us

18 thoughts on “August 25th, 1973

  1. Hi Jerry
    I like this poem.
    You’ve structured it nicely around the response of different age-groups to the young lovers. And then you say
    “your hands in the pockets of my jeans and mine on your shoulders.”
    That, for me, is the significant detail that makes this a really good poem. You’ve brought something special to our conception of the lovers.
    Good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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