Small Town Ennui

Small towns slowly awaken with the rising dawn

Methodic rhythms of routine move you along

A care-free track of vague irrelevance

The setting sun tucks your life away

Into carefully maintained homes

The town slows to a heartbeat

The night lulls you to sleep

With a final sigh

You start to dream

Perhaps of



15 thoughts on “Small Town Ennui

  1. I love these colloquial sayings Jerry, as a boy when we asked if the sun would come out we were told to look up and see if there was enough ‘blue’ to make a sailor a pair of trousers. I think rolling up sidewalks and sailor’s trousers etc are pure poetry.

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    1. I once thought about putting together a blog of some ‘good ole boy’ sayings like,
      “A flower can bloom, even in a pile of shit”
      “Take small bites out of life. That way you ain’t as likely to choke on it.”
      “If your horse gets stuck in the mud, no amount of talking is gonna get him out.”

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      1. Haha ! absolute belters Jerry, a couple of my favourites from northern England are “As bright as a sixpence in a Sweeps arse” and ” a face like a Bulldog chewing a wasp” Such a blog is a great idea, I’ve done a post on Yorkshire dialect under articles but it’s only a page.

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  2. I’m not usually a fan of poems written around a visual effect of the words, but this is different. You’ve very cleverly used the physical shape of the lines to create a sense of the slow tapering away of the day. It’s a lovely poem.

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