Being an Artist

At what point do I give up on my dreams

When do I know that my innovations

My poems or novels will not it seems

Live outside of my imagination


When should I realize that my brilliance

Is overblown desire; not artistry

They say I am showing my resilience

Not settling for my mediocrity


When will I understand that I’m lying

Thinking that there is someone who might care

When will it be alright to stop trying

Never! As long as you are there to share



8 thoughts on “Being an Artist

  1. It is never o.k. to stop unless you yourself hear a voice within that says so.
    As long as we speak from our heart with the brain as the tool we are true and share what we are able to.
    If you haven’t you should read the letters by Vincent Van Gogh, he loved so much and had no confidence until the end. He never thought he was good enough.
    His letters to his brother are so very beautiful.

    There is your answer from me

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  2. I think we must accept, Jerry, that we must just go along with what we ourselves believe to be honest creativity. The world will largely ignore it, as so much worthy endeavour has always been ignored. You make your point so well though, and your readers appreciate your style and honesty.

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