Revenge of the Nerds

Oh orange man, don’t you understand that someday the ‘Nerd’ countries of the world will band together to put an end to your bullying. Do you even care that we turn our heads in shame every time you open your mouth to speak.

How many more languages must we learn to say, “Please forgive us, we were not paying attention while a child ran away with the gavel.”

20 thoughts on “Revenge of the Nerds

  1. Pablo Cuzco

    This is an image I’ve harbored since we duped the International community with Iraq and breaking the Geneva Convention, with seeming impunity. Now AgentOrange is intent on pushing us past the tipping point. Next World War may be US against Everyone else.

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  2. The bad thing is, we are only 6 months into his reign of stupidity. Alas, the 2018 election only has 8 Republican Senate seats up for re-election compared to 25 Democratic seats up for re-election. His tyranny could get worse.


  3. Davy D

    Jerry, we are apparently having the pleasure in the UK in 2018. Can’t wait. Hopefully the gavel will have been returned before then. But having said that, we have lunatics running our asylum as well.

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