Just another body behind the dumpster

This is a work of fiction based on a conversation I had with a homeless man while waiting on the police to come and arrest him for vagrancy.

If it was trendy, he followed it

If it was a new pill, he swallowed it

But a man can only try again

So many times ‘til he just gives in


Life had turned its back on Jason so many years ago that he no longer held a grudge. Though, if anyone had ever had a reason to give God the bird, it would have to be him.

He said he was married once; if you could call it that. It was more like a whirlwind of passion followed by months of hatred and torment. Eventually, the entire affair succumbed to the throes of mistrust and subsequent unfaithfulness. Of course, each one blamed the other and perhaps neither one was wrong.

After that, he tried to make a go of it, flitting from one job to another in search of the one thing that would make him happy. He moved around a lot. At first it was just from one place to another in the same city, then to different cities and finally different states. He told me that he was always looking for some place to fit in, but just never seemed to be able to adapt. He was always the outsider, the odd duck so to speak, and thus began his hatred of people. Maybe hatred is too strong a word for what Jason felt toward others. Perhaps it was more like disillusionment in his fellow man. It was hard for him to get past the ‘stupidity of the world’ as he called it.



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