Young vs. Old

My son, over at seems to be obsessed with categorizing, stereotyping, and discriminating people based on which generation they fall into. GenX, GenY, Baby boomers, Me generation, millineals…Well I’ve got the answer for you son. You’re Young and I’m Old. That pretty much sums it up for me.

Let’s face it, if you can wake up in the morning and go pee without the 15 minute ritual of stretching, popping and cracking of every joint…you’re young. If you have to get into the shower and run hot water on your back before you can bend over enough to put on your underwear…you’re old.

If you give a shit about social issues…young

People shouldn’t be allowed on the streets after 6PM…old

If women in bikinis gets you excited…young

If women in bikinis makes you want to give them a lecture on skin cancer…old

Sex, as much as you can, anytime you can…young

Sex, what’s that?…old

If you think our current president is an ignorant, childish, sexist bully…well, I guess we have to agree on somethings.

19 thoughts on “Young vs. Old

  1. A hilarious commentary on the age gap. I’m sure there is much more to do with this theme. Perhaps you’ll treat us to further wit on the same subject, Jerry. Plus your orange man us sure to keep you in material for a long time yet.

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