The Train

Through shoeless feet I feel

The ground trembling

I thrust my fist into the air

And pump it up and down

The blast of the horn drives me back a step

I yell, but my voice will not rise above the beast’s roar

My heart’s beat begins to match the rhythm from the sound

Of its massive wheels and my head swoons as I watch the cars gently roll from side to side…Powerful and terrifying

It seems to lift me off my feet and pull me closer

I am afraid the steel monster will devour me

My legs will not let me back away

At last I see the bright red caboose

I wave my arms wildly and in answer

To my exaggerated welcome

A grey sleeved arm

Slips out the window

The gloved hand waves

The roar subsides

The trembling vanishes

On weakened knees

I cross the tracks

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