To Aria, Parker, Jaina, and Addy

Let’s do it again PaPa Jerry

I wish I could fly clear up to the sun

Push me higher; it’s only just a little scary

But swinging is really so much fun


Round and round and round it goes

It’s really hard to keep it up

Hula-hoops are fun you know

But not for you ‘cause you’re all grown up


I’m tired now PaPa Jerry

I do not want to take a nap

My eyes are heavy and I am weary

Can’t I just sleep here on your lap


I’m not ready for our time to be through

I really wish that you could stay

Don’t you know how much I miss you

Every time you go away

21 thoughts on “To Aria, Parker, Jaina, and Addy

  1. aww I got a little blurry eyed and stuff nosed with this. makes me feel a little gentler towards my mum. I guess I know how she feels like from reading your beautiful words, though she never verbalises it. the truest love of all, grandpa to grandkids.

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