There are only a few things that have the power to hold the interest of a fifteen-year-old boy. Boobs…food…sleep…and Boobs. If a fifteen-year-old boy fell off the Empire State building, on the way down, he’d be looking at the women’s boobs through the windows…all the while wishing he had a burger and some fries.

17 thoughts on “Boobs…Food…Sleep

  1. Daniella Romano

    Pretty funny…. but isn’t this a bit of a generalisation? What abut fifteen year old boys that don’t identify as straight…. What about fifteen year old gay girls?

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    1. I suppose you are correct. But while we’re at it we could talk about 15 year old boys who like to have sex with dogs, or girls who like to smell underwear…the list could go on forever if we tried to include every one. I make my statement because the vast majority of 15 year old boys like boobs. I do not pretend to be politically correct about it. I do not have the time to worry that something I say may offend someone else. If they do not like it…move along.


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