Fire and Fury

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Will we see fire

Death and pain

Fall from the fingertips

Of the insane


Will we get tweets

Of our own destruction

From a man whose mind

Is on permanent malfunction


If you’re searching for truth

You’d better not ask

The man hiding behind

His bright orange mask


What we do this day

Can never be undone

The ropes we let bind us

Can never be unstrung


And yet we will still

Praise his name

Don’t worry about it

There’s always someone else to blame


19 thoughts on “Fire and Fury

  1. Excellent. Thanks, Jerry. And all this coming with no acknowledgement that today is the day we bombed Nagasaki and Sunday the anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb. All this so two adolescent men can play “Mine’s bigger than yours.” As I live on the Pacific coast in the midst of four military bases, the home of the Trident submarine fleet armed with nuclear warheads- I especially don’t don’t appreciate this deadly game.

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  2. Were the man behind the orange mask to read this post, no doubt he’d call it “fake news.” I wonder how long it will be in this country, unless or until things change, before bloggers/truth-tellers like us will be considered enemies of the state.

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    1. Were probably on some watch list now. He is just waiting for his “WALL” to be built then turn his attention to us. My problem is that the majority of people I know still believe that I am the liar. It is a truly sad and frightening time.

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