That Red-Haired Girl

Every person’s destiny is created by a single point in time and we are forever tied to that event. That moment when the world starts to make sense and the pages in the book of our life, unfolds to reveal a glimpse of what will become our destiny.  Every decision we make and every action we take for the rest of our lives, will always bring us back to that exact moment. For me, October 7th, 1972 at 8:16AM was that moment.

You walked directly toward me, emerging from the early morning fog like a mystical goddess passing through the veil between heaven and earth. As I watched you float down the gravel road my heart tried desperately to escape my chest and join you; longing to intertwine with your soul. Blood rushed through my body until my head became light and my vision began to fade. I had to look away or fall to the ground.

It was that instance that marked the beginning of the end of my innocents. I knew in that moment, I would have to forfeit my youthful ways and learn to deal with the raging hormones of puberty. I understood that time and nature would force me to relinquish my body to the sometimes exciting, but usually frightening, world of a teenager. Although at the time I could not tell you so… I knew that moment marked the beginning of the rest of my life. Oh how I have love that life.

24 thoughts on “That Red-Haired Girl

  1. You’ed captured this so beautifully! We can all relate to “that person” who is our person and the first time we knew. 🙂
    I hope you 2 are still living happily ever after!
    I met my man when I was 17 and we’ve been together ever since…well, and it seems like ever since The Dark Ages! So long ago now! 😉 😀
    Carolyn 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome!
        If you’d like to follow me back, my WP site is on “private”, but if you click on my username it should let you send me a notice and I can grant you access to my site.
        I write humorous posts, post my poetry, post a few of my stories, talk about my cancer journey this past 2 years, etc. 🙂

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      2. Oh, just wanted to let you know…I always comment back to all the comments I get on my WP site. But, because my site is on private, I don’t think WP will notify you that I commeted back. (not sure ???)
        I appreciate every WP friend and reader, so I always respond to their comments on my posts. 🙂

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  2. You are a very lucky man, Jerry, and you must also be a very loving one. I can see why your beloved doesn’t like the photograph, but I can also see how you could love her so much. It’s a face with great warmth, honesty and beauty.

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