I journeyed deep along mountain paths

Contemplating life’s complexities

By chance, a wondrous meadow did pass

Its perfume afloat a restful breeze


Widely I gazed yet could see no end

Swaying and moving to nature’s strain

Wildflowers surfing on summer’s wind

Their brown faces crowned in yellow reign


With poet’s hand I devoured the scene

But words to their song I could not lend

Yet I watched them dance upon the green

My saddened heart rose and I did mend


Though I could not capture the repose

With failing words I sadly moved on

My tablet filled with half-written prose

And pen eager to sing unheard songs


14 thoughts on “Sunflowers

      1. wow to work in fields of them, amazing .. my profile photo is the very first one I grew but I cheated as it’s a miniature which has 13-16 flowers on each stem so very different 🙂

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  1. A beautiful poem photo pairing, Jerry!
    We have wild sunflowers that grow along the highways in the Summer. They are so pretty! A native Amercian friend told me they believe that as high as those sunflowers get in the Summer will be how much snow we can expect in the winter. I asked, “Every snow will be THAT high? or does it predict the whole Winters accumulation of snow?” 😮 Ha!
    I wrote a poem about sunflowers once.
    HUGS and Happy Friday to you and your wife!!! 🙂

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      1. 🙂
        I will put my sunflower poem here for you…

        are a beautiful part
        of nature’s poetry
        wild, happy, friendly flowers
        growing free
        they line the highway
        welcoming all who pass by
        bright with a golden glow
        faces turning upward to court the sun
        i’d rather have sunflowers in my yard
        than jewels around my neck
        “the earth laughs in flowers,” said emerson
        well, ralph waldo, flowers make me laugh
        especially sunflowers

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  2. I really loved reading this poem Jerry. I could relate to the rhyming style of your poem too as I love a good rhyme. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s post is about sunflowers in case you have time to look? Sunny greetings, Sam 🙂

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