Yesterday, I was fully prepared to openly admit that the Orange Man finally said something that made sense when he stated that the Justice Department would investigate and prosecute any persons found guilty in the tragic death and injuries that occurred in Charlottesville.

But, just as I was about to hit the post button, his childlike nature stepped forward once again and erased the final glimmer of hope I had for his redemption. This man’s ego just will not let him keep his mouth closed and unfortunately for the world, every time it opens, more of his ignorance pours forth.

America, I beg of you, can’t you now see the pure stupidity and moronic values that we have deemed fit to call the leader of our country. It should make no difference if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or ‘I just close my eyes and make a mark’, the truth should now be apparent. There is no shame in admitting it. We made a mistake and now the fate of the world hinges on the ability of an unreliable congress to keep the insane Orange Man from doing the unthinkable just because someone told him he couldn’t have another cookie.


You skulked down the hidden backstreets of rationality, peering through the keyholes of human decency and crawled in through the sewers of thought to whisper your name to the unsuspecting innocence, filling them with the fear of discontented oppression.

“We are America, Fuck You!” was your battle cry and the naive jump aboard your pretentious parade. Fake news… fake hair… FAKE TRUTH! Maybe we should have ‘read YOUR lips’.

Wall them out… or wall us in…that is the question.

Oh yes, my dear friend William… we are truly suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous buffoonery. Do we now take up arms and light the battle fires of resistance.

Or do we sleep… perchance to dream.

We must be careful what we dream for.

14 thoughts on “Hatred

    1. To see that the majority of Republicans still support him is almost as unnerving a Trump himself. With half the world biting their fingernails in fear and the other half rolling on the floor in laughter…we wait for what insanity will spew from his duck-faced lips next.


  1. Excellent, Jerry! I’m in agreement on all of this! It’s like I’m in a bad dream and can’t wake up. 😦
    What happened recently in Charlottesville, and what HE said about it all, has me so upset, afraid, and so sad for many reasons. 😦

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    1. I am going to change his name from the ‘Orange Man’ to the ‘Orange Child’. In a few weeks, he will deny ever saying it. The Fake News supported by the Dem’s made it all up. I can see the headline already…Trump says “some very, very bad dudes did some very, very bad things at some very, very important place”.

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  2. Davy D

    Jerry, even in the UK, where we have had lunatics running the asylum for some years now, the events from Charlottesville and Trump’s response have been hard to fathom. We are now experiencing the true effects of a powerful elite in both the USA and UK.

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    1. So the CEO’s on his advisory board finally told him they had enough of his ignorance and his response was… well I was going to disband it anyway because they were all stupid. I am not saying that we haven’t had crooks, morons and liars in the office before…but I don’t remember ever having a 3 year old in office before.

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  3. I am about to post this. Meantime you get a preview. Enjoy. 🙂
    (Or not.)


    Should we view I suggest
    this whole shameless charade
    as perhaps simply a preplanned
    (not by the foolish Fool himself)
    distraction until clandestinely
    Pence gets to sit on the throne
    and voids his own toxic bowels
    while the hypnotised repeat
    “At least he’s not as bad as …”
    when in fact …

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  4. Masks have fallen off the face of democracy, and now we see it for what it is. A horrible thought, an unpopular one, but not less truthful for it. Maybe not everyone deserves the right to choose.
    Those who don´t feel morally obliged to know WHO and WHAT FOR and it IMPLIES to vote, should not be allowed anywhere near a poll. Brexit, and the Vile Orange Man are just the most visible examples that we cannot, we will not, let an ignorant, misled majority lead us to self destruction.
    Forgive my words if they offend you, but we must not forget why these people/things happen… it’s because we applauded them in the first place.
    Outstanding writing yours, I will be coming back.

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