Just Another Poor Man

It don’t make no difference

Who sits in the office at the top

The poor will still get beaten down

And that ain’t never going to stop


The game is fixed so that the rich get rich

While the poor man is doomed to fail

Don’t even think to try to better yourself

Or they might throw your ass in jail


Or they can send you off to a foreign war

Started by those that never have to fight

The poor ass bastards are the ones they always call

Because dying is our only right


So why the hell do we make a fuss

If we think the wrong one got elected

If a good man ever tried to enter the game

You know he sure as hell would be rejected


So we, the poor, don’t stand a chance

Our ship will never come in

Because it sank out in the harbor

Another hole drilled in it by the rich men


So don’t think that you got choices

And someday your time will come

Because you’re just one of the billions of voices

Living underneath their thumb


So scream your screams and cry your tears

If you think that it will make it right

Lay down your head at the end of the day

And pray they will let you make it through the night


9 thoughts on “Just Another Poor Man

  1. Davy D

    Powerful words Jerry. It is interesting to see the parallels between the USA and the UK. Over here, something will give pretty soon as there is little left for the rich to take, but they still keep trying. I was listening to two academics talking on the radio a few days ago and they were talking about how we are on the verge of a civil war in the UK, unless things change.

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  2. Jerry, you are a very gifted poet. This one is beautifully crafted yet so macabre. I wrestle with it and refuse to accept it coz it’s fraught with hopelessness. Yesterday I blogged Giving Money to the Rich and this makes me think of it regarding how we contribute to the problem above. Thanks for making us think.

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