Get over it already

Ok people.

It’s time to get the hell over it.

Maybe we should be a little more concerned with global warming, North Korea, Hurricane Irma, Wildfires in the Northwest, homeless veterans, starving children, one of the worst school systems in the world, unemployment, spending billions on a wall, or any of the hundreds of things that actually make a difference than we are with whether or not Peterson, Kaiperneck, grandma Julie, or the little kid playing in the mud puddle stood up for the National anthem.

Who gives a giant rat’s ass if some football player sat down, fell asleep, chewed gum, or farted during the Anthem? Singers get away with butchering it every day and no one gives a shit.

It’s only an issue because we make it an issue.

Or did I miss the memo that said some dumb ass person has the right to dictate the actions of another? Oh wait…isn’t that why they’re not standing in the first place? Slavery is still illegal…right?


I know I watched the Kansas City Chief’s football game from the comfort of my couch. I failed to stand when they played the National Anthem. Hell, I didn’t even bother to put on pants or take the chicken wing from my mouth.


If standing during the National Anthem is going to automatically make the world a better place. I’m all for it. But it’s not. Sitting during the song means absolutely nothing to anyone other than the person who sat through it and what he or she does is none of our damn business.


So why don’t we shut the hell up, quit bitching and find something to do with our time that means something.

I know…maybe we can tweet with the Orange Man while he destroys humanity.


19 thoughts on “Get over it already

  1. Yep … I keep asking people who are outraged over this whether they stand during the National Anthem when watching sports events in the comfort of their own homes. Stunning how many of them claim they do, while I never see anybody standing when I go to get-togethers centered around a sports event on TV.

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      1. Yes, for sure.
        Thinking about how sometimes the complainers don’t get the connection…they don’t see that other people have a right to
        express their freedom, the complainers just think they have a right to complain about the people who are expression their freedom. ( 🙂 )

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