Heavenly Father


I’ve seen dark times, felt like I was fading away

Life’s obstacles kept crushing me into the ground

Stuck in my lonely gloom with nothing left to say

I wondered if any hope could ever be found


When my summer sun had fallen into darkness

My voice of reason had faded into the night

I found myself alone facing this world’s harshness

Drowning in my emptiness till I saw your light


I look back now, at all those times of frustration

Wondering how the hell it all ever happened

I must never again give in to temptation

Your love is truly all that can be imagined

One thought on “Heavenly Father

  1. We can all relate to this, Jerry! Thank you for sharing your heart! We have all been lonely, we’ve all struggled, we’ve all been in need of rescuing/saving. He is always there…during the good, bad, and ugly times of our lives.

    When we are sitting alone in the darkness and our despair we should always reach out…He will be right beside us, as will so many others…our loved ones, our friends. 🙂


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