McClendon Villa September Challenge Day 26

McClendon Villa September challenge (Back Where I Come From). If you would like to play along, you can find more information on the challenge here.

Day #26 – Does your hometown have all four seasons?


Spring –

Violent walls of black drift across cobalt skies

Trees twisted and mangled by turbulent wind

Rain in sheets of glass from heavens rush

Rivers fill with nature eroding water


In the silent aftermath,

Birds sing to a shining sun

Colts and calves dance in green pastures

Frolicking to the new days tune.


Summer –

Heavy air on breezeless days

Pushes you into shady corners

Sweat stained ball caps

Cover red leather faces


Adonis boys display their prowess

To bikini clad Aphrodites

Blood runs hotter than the sun

When darkness hides their passion


Autumn –

Young lives sacrificed to winter’s survival

Fields of brown saddened by missing hooves

Empty schools fill with sighs of freedom lost

Empty hearts break as love moves on


Green seas turn gold and brown

Trees explode with kaleidoscope colors

Anticipated fruit fills empty jars

New found lovers fill empty hearts


Winter –

The north freezes fields and rivers

Drifts across roads to seal the town

Skin cracks behind ice covered gloves

Vick’s rubbed onto croupy chests


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day

Fireplace surrounded by, family, lovers and friends

Ice skating, snowball fights, sleigh rides

Hot chocolate, red noses and hugs

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