Rediculous Facebook Posts

I saw two different post on Facebook today that just blew my mind. Sometimes, I wonder if people even think about what they put out there for the world to see. The first post read, “If Trump starts a new war then the people that voted for him should be drafted first.”

Seriously people! So what you’re saying is that if I get into a taxi and he has a wreck on the way to my house then I should be held responsible…after all, I was the one who chose that particular taxi and I was the one who told him where to go and maybe even told him which road to take. Therefore, I should be held responsible.

Many people I know voted for Trump because they believed in what he had to say. Just because you and I knew that he was a narcissistic buffoon with a 3 year old’s mentality, does not mean that everyone did.

The second post asks, “Should Obama be added to Mount Rushmore?”

What, what, WHAT?

What on earth would make you ask a question like that? Yes, he was the first black president. But let’s face it; that was just a matter of timing. It was time for, and right for America. There were much better choices…Condolezza Rice or Colin Powell come quickly to mind. But I wonder what people think actually gives him the privilege to live beside Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and Roosevelt (I am not fully convinced that he should be there). Heck, Kennedy put a man on the moon and routed Russian aggression and yet did not earn an honored seat.

So let’s get real America and start rewarding or removing people based on their qualifications or lack thereof. People talk about term limits for congress. Why do we need them if we are doing our job properly? It’s simple; if someone is not doing the job we think they should then we must not vote them in again.

For those of us that do not believe in Trump or his message, it is our job to convince our neighbor why and vote him out of office.

But with respect and not hatred. My wife and I do not agree on half the decisions we make yet we are still happily married after 42 years. Sometimes I even get to win.

29 thoughts on “Rediculous Facebook Posts

  1. Things is the people who voted for Trump knew what they were getting. So yes, let them be the first to reap the reward for being ignorant buffoons . No I don’t think we should add any onr else to Mt Rushmore , lets leave that monument alone. 🙂

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    1. What we have to remember is that Trump is a master of manipulation. Many people that voted for him did so because they had nothing. He promised them a better life. I actually voted for Bush because I did not trust Al Gore…if we need to place a blame perhaps it should be on those that did not vote at all.

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  2. I have been “unfollowing” and screening people and posts that demean and degrade with vulgarity. Why ever would it be a good thing to do to the opposition what it does to us? I think that behavior just creates a violent atmosphere, whereas, respectful satire wakes us up and brings another perspective. Thanks for contributing to this important discussion, Jerry.

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    1. I know that sometimes I have been guilty of letting passion over run logic and need to do a better job at policing my own posts. But to call for the harm of another person just because of their beliefs in unspeakable. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    1. Yes, we are stuck with what we have. However, that does not mean we stop scrutinizing everything they do. We must be able to make informed decisions next election. It’s still just a roulette wheel but knowledge increases the odds of getting it right.


    1. I am concerned with North Korea certainly. But Korea has limited capabilities. Trump knows that he can not ‘start’ a war so he is trying his best to get North Korea to fire the first shot so he can act in self defense. He’s hoping this would get congress on his side and China to look the other way.

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      1. But one dropped on North Korea would be devastating where as one dropped on America would be horrific but not debilitating. Compared to the thousand that China could retaliate with. Now, let’s say that no bombs drop but China decides to just put trade sanctions on America. How devastating would that be? Which is why Trump need Russia so badly.

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  3. Excellent, Jerry.
    Yes, sometimes we even win. ( 🙂 )
    I wonder what happened to adults being able to talk and listen…understanding…compromise…forgiveness…unselfishness, etc. 😦
    I shared on my blog sometime back about my childhood and how I watched the neighbors sit and discuss everything from politics to religion to the weather and even tho’ they didn’t agree on everything, they still remained friends. If someone needed a hand everyone would have reached out to help no matter what their religion or politics or race or background.

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  4. I have no idea why people post half the stuff they do on Facebook. It seems that some of it is designed to make you feel “right” and some is designed to make others feel “wrong.” The hyperbole and misinformation is astounding. Just stick to the facts… or maybe just cute kitten and doggie pictures. 🙂

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  5. I appreciate your effective attempt at balance Jerry. It can be easy to tell which way bloggers lean politically and therefore their thinking becomes quite predictable. You constantly provide fresh perspective and independent thinking.

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