To My Sister

Paula Kay

You have taken my sister home

Released her of heartache and pain

I know when it’s my time to come

I will bask in her love again

Yet my heart cries from missing her

My dark and saddened eyes do grieve

My memories and feelings stir

Life without her can’t be perceived

They say she’s in a better place

In my heart I know it is true

I long to see her smiling face

Shining with joy like it used to

She no longer suffers in pain

For this I thank you every day

Still unshed tears and sorrow reign

Hoping that somehow she could stay

My bosom laments with sorrow

Wishing she was now here with us

Still I know that come tomorrow

I will live on like we all must

From Heaven’s cup she does now sip

No dreams of hers she left unfilled

Relief came on her smiling lips

Showed that her tortured mind was stilled

When time with us grew near its end

With sweet reflections from our past

A truth of hope to us is lent

Our Love for her will ever last

Goodbye sweet sister and dear friend

I will keep you here in my heart

Though your time on earth might be spent

Our hearts will never be apart

This I will say to all the world

Praise God’s greatness in what you do

And when eternity unfurls

May your loved ones be there with you

Jerry Brotherton

The Backyard Poet

excerpt from ‘Incoherant Ramblings of an Old Man’

©All Rights Reserved 2017


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