We called it the Seventies

In front of you I can now stand

To proclaim that I was there

And how this old, fat, balding man

Knew that in love and lust all was fair


Never sure if I’d make it through those days

It took too many things to tell me I was alive

Without you I would’ve wasted away

I depended on you just to survive


I searched and tried to find my own way

Struggled so hard just to reach the door

I survived those years, but sad to say

A lot of brain cells were left on bar room floors


Too many tears that were my fault

Too many hurts that I never meant to be

Through too many unwritten assaults

You still remained there beside me

18 thoughts on “We called it the Seventies

  1. And you are still there beside her. 🙂 You two have true love and commitment.

    All of us look back on times that were tough…that we might wish we could re-do or change…but, it’s today and tomorrow that counts. We can choose to make today great and look forward to tomorrow with hope. 🙂


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  2. Beautiful poem Jerry and a love song to the woman
    that with love and courage helped you to find yourself.
    I hope the word assault doesn’t cover the more
    serious meaning of the word.
    You say: ” I survived those years
    But lot of cells were on the bar room floors ”
    Wery evocative……at least you found some.😊 .

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  3. Deb

    Let me reassure everyone that there have never been any kind of assaults from this man. The assaults he speaks of are the assaults that every day life brings. We’ve definitely weathered our share of those. They have only proven to make us stronger.

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