He Shall Return

My king is gone and my heart quakes at his memory. Men have forgotten what it was to have him in their depths. We are stone and no longer feel our hearts beating in our breasts. There is no one we could call to be a leader of men. Without guidance we are little more than animals. We squabble and fight; turning on our brothers because they do not have the same veneer. We kill each other for scraps of nothing. We are consumed by hate and blackness. The true courage of men has failed.

But hear me all you Heaven and Earth. Rejoice… for as long as there is but one left that keeps kindness in his heart, he will come again. His return will begin in the small deeds of man… in forgotten things and insignificant actions. Kindness will spark the kindling of Love and it will spread like wildfire through the souls of men.

10 thoughts on “He Shall Return

  1. ...in my Mind's Eye

    I often say this, but I’ll repeat it: these prose pieces are your strongest voice. I enjoy reading them. Your take on the core principles of the Christian faith has a very Eastern philosophical mindset about it. I like it.

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      1. ...in my Mind's Eye

        You’re welcome. I’ve been off WordPress for a bit. Got caught up on the twitter storm that was Hurricane Maria. Good to see you still going strong on here.

        Liked by 1 person

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