13 thoughts on “Christmas is the only time a teenagers doesn’t mind being called a kid.

      1. I think I get younger each day Jerry as I learn new things and see life with a different perspective. likewise I enjoy your writing and most of all the thoughts that show me your heart for the truly important things in life. blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you!

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  1. You’ve just brought up a couple of memories for me. When my boys were still in school, teachers/other parents often mistook me for a student even though I was usually there volunteering. One morning, I was headed into the front of the high school building, and a teacher who was walking across the parking lot yelled, “Hey! You can’t go in those doors!” When I turned around, he realized he knew me and apologized. Another time, I was volunteering in the concession stand at a high school basketball game with three students. During a lull in purchases, the four of us were taking a break, and the mom of one of the girls showed up. She asked, “Where’s your help?” The girl pointed at me, and the mom actually said, “That’s not a parent, that’s just a kid.” I was slightly annoyed, but I’m sure I’d be thrilled if someone mistook me for a kid today.

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