Several things in the news today caught my attention. Although, there seems to be too many things the Orange Man does these days to keep up with. The one thing I am sure is going to create the loudest buzz is the announcement that K-mart/Sears is closing 100 more stores. I have already seen the comments flow and fingers being pointed.

Anyone who has stood within earshot of me knows of my intense dislike for the Orange Man and his buffoonery. So get out your pens faithful followers of the Chump. This will probably be the only time you will hear this from me. “Donald Trump has nothing to do with the closing of retail stores.”

Retail stores (also referred to as ‘Big Box’ stores) have outlived their usefulness in American culture. Like it or not, we now live in a digital world.

It is possible for me to stay hidden in the security of my own home and have the world come to me with everything that I need. Hell, companies like Amazon and Wal~Mart are even working on delivery robots (Drones) to bring my goods to me so I don’t even need to interact with the delivery boy.

So before we get all high and mighty and start pointing the finger at other people, we should look at ourselves first. We are the ones killing brick and mortar stores. We stopped going to the ‘Mom and Pop’ stores on main street because we could drive out to the new Wal~Mart and get it for pennies cheaper. Now we will go online and buy it for the same reason.

This is definitely not the first, nor will it be the last, of our victims. So where were the cries of outrage when we lost Circuit City, Blockbuster, Woolworth’s, Chi-Chi’s, Steak and Ale, Crown Books, Borders, Sharper Image, Kids “r” Us, A&P, or Tower Records.

Yes dear friends, place the blame where it is due. We are the ones that quit going to drive-in theatres, riding trains, renting videos and subscribing to those Columbia House record of the month deals. We quit buying vinyl albums, going to the shopping malls, using our answering machines or even land lines for that matter. We no longer need AOL instant messenger, cable, tape recorder, CD players, paper maps, dial up modems, pagers, record stores, Kodak film cameras. We live in a changing world and in such a world, there will be victors and there will be the defeated.

But if you like blaming Trump, there are thousands of worse things he has done and many thousands more he is capable of doing. But the implosion of retail stores yet to come will not be his fault.

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  1. I can’t imagine that anyone could seriously blame Trump for the decline of brick and mortar (he is as dumb as a brick, but that’s as close as I can get). Anyway, my husband and I visited a local mall yesterday that is betting big on brick and mortar’s staying power. It has recently doubled in size and, even on a Thursday, was really busy. They are trying to create a destination/entertainment venue that goes beyond just retail. And, by the way, there is a brick and mortar Amazon store. We’ll see…

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  2. Yes, the world is changing fast Jerry. Although I guess there has always been change. Brick & mortar stores are live and healthy here but the beloved “corner shops” – your mom& dad shops- are disappearing. Partly because the next generation doesnt want to take on such a commitment with long hours and little holiday.
    However, fun news. Vinyls are making the way back with strides. The superior sound they admit.😊.

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    1. So sad, they were the pioneers of the concept of online sales with their annual catalogue. So sad that they did not embrace the technology when the internet came along. They could have easily made the transition. We must except change as part of life and not fight against it.

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