33 thoughts on “Old Age

  1. Ha! This is too funny! Sounds like healthy living comes a’calling. LOL! I agree with Davy. It does same a lot of money. “Growing old is not for Sissys”. I really loved this post but now you really need to look at the flip side and write about the pluses of being older. Every age has it’s down sides.

    The nice thing that I’ve found about being older is that Finally, I have choices about how to spend my time. If I’m bored it’s my own damn fault. I still play racquetball and pickleball, digital keyboards and WP. I don’t commute. I don’t have a boss (according to the Bible my wife is a “Helpmate”), she helps me see what she wants me to do! Ha! I don’t have to suffer fools, I can tell them what I really think, but politely so it goes over their head. I’ve learned that everything is relative. A quadriplegic may think they have the life you described above and not be very happy until they see someone who is almost flatline and on a ventilator.

    Here is a great video on being happy. Thanks for this great post, Jerry!


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