My wife and I have always been, for lack of a better word, loners. We have children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters that we dearly love. But we have always been nomads and spent our entire lives enjoying the company of each other. We are the best of friends. I wrote this poem quite awhile ago after watching a family member suffer from dementia. For my wife and I, our greatest fear would be to lose our memories of each other.


Please old man you must let me be relieved

Let me go where I will not be abused

Old man you know it’s me they have deceived

My mind is silent waiting to be used

My memories, they are fading faster

It is my sadness that has been released

Old man you know that you are my master

Oh please…why won’t you let me find some peace?

So I will go to join their procession

But first there is someone that I must seek

She is standing, in love, right beside me

But our fingertips just don’t seem to meet

Her hair burns bright with the color of fire

She is standing in the night beside me

Is it my mottled mind, am I dreaming

Or is it that I just need to believe

32 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s

  1. my Mind's Eye | Pablo Cuzco

    A lot of insight. Let’s hope none of us succumb to it in our old age. I understand it is a release of sorts, from the anxieties they struggled with in life, the more stress the greater the chance of dementia. You describe it very well.

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  2. This made me cry. As a widow in my 60’s losing my memories is a fear my single friends and I talk about often. What could be worse? We don’t want to be a burden to our children and we no longer have a spouse to help guide us.
    May we all end our journey here on earth with our loving memories in tact. And let our past adventures bring us smiles and warmth as we pass on to our next expedition.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for reading and leaving such a wonderful comment. My wife and I have this discussion constantly. As we age we sometimes forget little details and wonder if it is the beginning to something more. I agree with you, let past adventures bring us smiles forever.


  3. This brought tears. So poignant. So profound. Thank you for writing this and sharing it, Jerry.

    I have friends who have family members with Alzheimer’s. So sad. Some are only in their early 60’s 😦

    We must make sure that those who are forgetting are NOT forgotten.

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  4. Davy D

    You poem tackles this issue with a mix of truth and tenderness Jerry. A close family member suffered with this disease for over 10 years and when they died, it was described as their second death. It is a great fear that sits for many of us.

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  5. oh Jerry, you write with such clarity and I feel the elasticity of my heart stretched to almost snapping point. memories are what we hold on to so dearly. I don’t ever want to come to a point where I cannot remember the thoughts that keep me balanced. you both have created some lovely memories together and even if the memories fade for whatever reason, just touching each other’s hand will bring them all back again! we have imprints our skin never forgets. I wish you both many more years of being in solitude together and enjoying each other’s company, nothing is more romantic or fulfilling than being content with another’s presence.

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    1. Dear Gina,
      You seem to have the soul of a saint and definitely the skill of inspirational writing. Please forgive me for gleaning a seed of inspiration from your comment.

      I read these lines – “just touching each other’s hand will bring them all back again! we have imprints our skin never forgets.” and they brought me to tears and left me words to write and now there is a beautiful blossom – “Her Skin Knows My Touch! I will share it with you!

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  6. Dear Jerry,
    I can’t begin to tell you how much these words and this topic meant to me! Both of my parents died of Alzheimer’s so I’m recording and writing as much as I can now. Shades of “The Notebook”. I know what you mean about your relationship. That is what my wife and I have also. Soulmates!

    Your piece helped provide the inspiration for a new poem for me that I will post soon – HER SKIN KNOWS MY TOUCH.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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  7. I used to work with the Alzheimer’s Association. I’m 41. But this has always been my greatest fear more than anything. To lose yourself, control over who you are or watch a loved one deteriorate before your eyes. I hope it is something you never have to go through with your spouse. I remember watching an old Canadian film about this “Away From Her” about a man dealing with his wife’s condition. .

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  8. A touching poem.. It is difficult when loved ones do not remember you..
    There was a testimony from a mans family, he did not remember them.. but Jesus he remembered well.. it was comforting..
    When my father was having memory issues, I researched many articles that stated statin drugs can cause dementia.. he takes cholesterol and blood pressure meds.. Your brain is 70% cholesterol, and needs fatty acid to thrive.. Coconut oil is being studied in several country’s to benefit Alzheimer’s and dementia.. it is high in essential fatty acids that help the brain function..
    Sorry to ramble. God Bless 🙂

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