We Are All Just Children

When I was a child, I knew how to fly

But I chose for myself a safer road

I trudged on through the tedium of life

With feet firm on the ground I bore life’s load


I let money and possessions rule me

Now where is the boy who knew how to live

Too afraid of what other people see

So frightened that I have nothing to give


Perhaps that is what is wrong with the world

Too afraid of what other people think

To be what we are, in the eyes of God

Innocent children playing on the brink


I will not slip into oblivion.

But kick and scratch to get every drop

Hold on to youthful ways and try to fly

Maybe I’ll fail, but I will never stop

9 thoughts on “We Are All Just Children

  1. Beautifully said and written Jerry. You are so right on all counts, to live and re-learn to fly is of utmost importance. Now you, and so many with you, have done what was seen as the right thing.

    Time to fly now and it is so much better to have tried and failed than never to have dared. So fly Jerry, you will have many along….😊🦋

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  2. In a world where several generations have been indoctrinated down to their toenails to believe money, material possessions and celebrities are what matters it’s probably inevitable the adventure was traded for monthly payments and an 8-5 drudge to keep the wolves away from the door. And once the real adventure is buried, synthetic adventure has to be invented to swing from bungie cords and hang gliders. The purpose of modern culture is to make life a spectator sport.

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