Dear Facebook, I’m back with full force and red hot ink flowing from my pulpit.

Several months ago, I made a decision to stop posting on Facebook. Some of it had to do with working in the retail environment and the holidays affording me no time for social networking. But mostly, I believed that my views on politics, and life in general, perhaps might be alienating certain friendships that had been established. After all, isn’t Facebook supposed to be about funny little puppies and furry little kittens? Toss in a couple of rainbows and a unicorn that can fart twinkling stars out it’s ass and we have a so called safe place to get a chuckle and a few AAAAHHHS!

Sure, we might give each other birthday wishes and get well soon posts. And I admit that there are many people who use Facebook properly… to keep in touch with loved ones far away, to update the family with photos and funny things their kids say. But all in all a lot of people have their own agenda…and so do I. I think my naiveté somehow thought that if I quit posting then others would quit posting also and Facebook might become the social hub for friends and family it was intended to be. I was just kidding myself. Facebook is a cold and mean place filled with negativity, backstabbing, and lies; my kind of place

If you are reading this, I want to disclose my feelings up front. I am a Trump hater and a Republican Party basher. So if you are a Trumpeter, you probably would prefer to hit the unfollow button now. I am also a writer and poet and I have no qualms at self-promoting and posting anything that jumps from my mind and falls onto the keyboard. I make no apologies for my actions. However, I understand that I am an acquired taste, so no hard feelings if you decide to take your leave. I also welcome contradicting points of view because I have been told many times that I am far from being perfect.

So, as the great parliamentarian Edward Burke said. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I realize that by refraining from posting my opinions, I was falling prey to those forces that wanted me to remain silent. My personal agenda is using truth to help you understand that we must remove the Orange Man from office. Oh yea, I’ll throw in a few poems every now and then. Who am I trying to kid…you’ll get them all the time.

25 thoughts on “Dear Facebook, I’m back with full force and red hot ink flowing from my pulpit.

  1. Go, you! 👍💯

    Facebook isn’t one of my fav places, but alllll the “experts” say it’s a must-have! Meh. Whatever. I use it so my mom knows I’m alive…cuz she’s like that… and to harass my adult children… cuz’ I’m a mom too! 😄

    Sent you a friend request! 😉

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    1. Thanks, I just wanted people to know that I would be me and not someone who is trying to make everyone happy. I am too old and have too little time left to worry about other people. Now they have been warned to enter at your own risk. Thanks for the invite.

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  2. First, I agree with everything you said about Trump and that he must be removed from office. As to Facebook, I’m on it, but only for the purpose of finding out what my adult kids are up to. I try to stay away from politics on Facebook. I post about it enough here on WordPress.

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  3. Davy D

    Good on yer Jerry and I look forward to hearing more of your views. Please keep posting them here as well. Facebook is one of those things I avoid, mainly, as I am allergic to fluffy unicorns.

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    1. My wife and all my family use it so I must by default. But I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut at some of the stupidity. I just wanted to let everyone know I would not be censoring my thoughts just because it might hurt someone’s feelings. They can always unfriend me or I them. They have been warned.

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