13 thoughts on ““To arrive early is a virtue. To get there late… is just plain bad manners.”

    1. It must be true love. So many compromises that unmarried people can’t understand. Because I love being at the center of all attention (so says my wife) we usually like to arrive early. That way I get to greet all the late arrivers and brag about my being first. On the flipside, We usually leave early so I can make a grand exit.


      1. I’m not so sure about the first sentence. 😉

        As I’ve got older and my ability to stay up until hours has diminished, that’s part of the justification of getting there on-time/early. We can put in our time and get out sooner. Of course, besides believing being late is being on time, my wife also believes there is no reason to leave until everybody else does and the good-byes take foooooooorever.

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  1. Agreed!
    When I taught adults I always started class on time. The latecomers learned I was not going to wait on them and they were going to miss out on what I’d already taught. It cured some of them.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I blogged some funny conversations! 🙂

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