My thoughts on the State of the Union

Now we all know that my stomach churns at the thought of The Orange Man stammering his way through another speech. But tonight, in pursuit of the truth, I sat through the one hour and twenty minutes of hand gestures and lip pursing to watch our (whether we like it or not) President deliver his first State of the Union Address. Fully expecting him to go off script and tout the ‘American Carnage’ left from the Obama years and pat himself on the back to take credit for everything good that has happened for the last ten years, all while Tweeting to the public. But to my surprise, he remained loyal to the teleprompter and for the first time took on the role of the President.

I know, I know…pick your jaws up off the ground and hear me out. Now, I am going to skip over the falsehoods presented by Trump. That would just be rehashing my previous post. Instead, let’s focus on The Rest of the Story.

1. The main issue tonight was Trump avoiding the white elephant in the room. Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia meddling into the 2016 election and if Donald Trump had tried to obstruct the investigation. I have to give Trump’s writing team credit on this one. For me, this is not a State of the Union issue. Instead, it is a state of Trump issue, a legality issue, and a political issue that is best discussed in the court room.

2. Can we really expect world peace by building more nuclear weapons? Unless, you are planning on taking over the world.

3. Every Democrat in the room acted like spoiled little brats that I just wanted to place over my knees and give them a gook spanking. Again, not a State of the Union issue, but to watch the leaders of our country huddled up on their side of the playground brooding because they didn’t get their way was revolting. Shame on you people.

4. Those Democrat women wearing black. They say it was in solidarity to the #metoo movement but was really an outcry to remind people that Trump has been accused for sexual misconduct. OK, I get it and support it. But I have to question if there truly is a difference between that and a football player kneeling during the National Anthem? I believe they said it was to show signs of solidarity to their brothers who faced police brutality.

5. His call to action on the ‘Immigration’ bill or as we all know it, the ‘You give me a wall and I will give you citizenship for Dreamers’ bill. If there is anybody in this country besides Trump who thinks this wall will be a good thing, ask the people of Berlin. 25 Billion a year for a giant billboard for Trump to put his name on. Hey, maybe we could get Trump’s corporate friends to pay for advertising. Has anybody figured out how many ads could be placed on it. Don’t forget the Mexican side.

6. Another call to action on his Infrastructure bill. 1.5 Trillion dollars. And just like the wall, no plan as to how to pay for it. At least he didn’t say that Mexico would help pay for this one. Maybe Russia???

7. The big test will be…how long can Trump go without tweeting about fake news?

So it boils down to this. I believe Trump has found out that he can’t just wave his hands in the air and stuff just magically happens. He is finally realizing that he can’t get anything done without Democratic support. That might be wishful thinking on my part but one thing is for sure, it will be a long, hard road ahead for the Trump administration. Trump already faces a low approval rating and the 2018 elections may lose him a few more votes. It will be interesting to see how a congress that can’t manage to keep itself running can do all the things Trump has promised. As I was debating with my good friend and adversary the other day, only history will prove who will be the winners and who will be the losers.

25 thoughts on “My thoughts on the State of the Union

  1. G’day, it looks to me like the clown thinks he is a Napoleon, too military. I think conflict this year if he is not reigned in, impeached or assassinated. The whole charade was sickening and the only winners at the moment are Americas adversaries.

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  2. MillennialMerit

    It’s kinda sad when the leader of a nation must be commended for acting normally, but I get your surprise! I guess it’s just nice to see the President acting presidential.

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  3. I couldn’t watch. I just couldn’t. Thanks for your recap, but I have to disagree with you about the Mueller investigation not being a State of the Union issue. Well, maybe you’re right. But it is most definitely a Fate of the Union issue.

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  4. I missed it, but it was a combination of not owning a television set, being currently blocked from FB [because of my unacceptable comments about Israel’s activities outside its legal international boundaries] and being sleepy. Maybe next year.

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    1. They should have commercials like they do during the Super Bowl, or better yet, have it where people call in and vote like or dislike and if he hits so many dislikes the a giant hook comes out and yanks him off the podium.


  5. I didn’t watch the speech and generally tried to stay away from the news last night, but the few things I’ve read, including your summary … when i get to the part about the Dems sulking I just get so frustrated with my political party. In response to a manchild being elected President, our party leaders (and many in the trenches as well) have responded by ratcheting up the immaturity. People need to grow up. All of them.

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    1. Yes, it was like watching a bunch of kids on the school playground. It is no secret that I vomit at the site of the Orange Man on parade. But, I think I could have represented my party better. They looked like they did not care about what happened to the American people at all. Wouldn’t it have been better if they all just got up and walked out? Sorry, just ranting now…thanks for listening.

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  6. my Mind's Eye | Pablo Cuzco

    Thanks for taking the bullet for us, Jerry. I couldn’t stomach watching it. I even refuse to read or watch anything in the news about it. It’s all BS—isn’t it?—on both sides. The Democrats are letting him get away with this, perhaps lining their own pockets, who knows? I refuse to engage anymore. So thanks again. At least I have an overview of what went down.

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  7. My wife and I were watching while she was playing the “Trump Bingo Game” where anytime Trump says one of his famous asinine statements she marks it off on her card. I was too busy feeling nauseous. As sick as I was, I did end up writing in my most recent blog about his constant lies throughout his State of the (dis)Union address, his reckless scapegoating. I just can never get over the fact of how easy it is to simply flat out lie, ignore basic data and know that typical Americans will not even blink an eye, fact check you, or even try to corroborate anything you can say. Entire elections are won in this manner. Facts don’t even matter anymore. His lies about the immigration process, having family who were immigrants is a slap in the face. We don’t debate ideas or points of view. We just change the data to conform to our beliefs rather than changing our beliefs to conform to the data. Now with Nunes memos, this is just another pile of garbgae to dumb on our heads.

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  8. LOL if you truly believe your hand waving comment, you didn’t pay attention the last year. But I commend you for commenting on the dems response. clearly immature and every liberal should be embarrassed. As for the wall, It’s part of the deal. Do you not think there should be a wall around the White House? Why the need to go to Berlin? Not to mention, Trump actually wants to meet the libs a little bit and make some of those (yes!) ILLEGALS – citizens it’s called compromise. It’s how things are supposed to work. If I am not mistaken, that was NEVER the way in the last administration. The wall is happening. It is necessary.

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    1. I am just not convinced why the wall is (in your words) necessary. We can barely keep our government running as it is. He wants 25 billion dollars per year for a billboard that he can put his name on. What else do you think America could better spend 25 billion dollars on? It is not a question about what is best for Trump, the Republican party or the Democratic party but what is best for the American people. And a wall that will serve no purpose is not in the best interest of the American people. I look at it this way. If I had no job and I asked you for $100 dollars. Would you care if I took that money and built a fence so the neighbors dog would not shit in my yard or would you want me to buy food for my kids.


      1. Do you not think borders and protection work? The whole “I am not convinced they are necessary” just is not a logical argument to me. walls and other things are there to protect. Do you really think that a wall won’t help in keeping illegals and drugs out of this country? The number of illegals coming in has already dropped since Trump took office. I seriously don’t understand why liberals don’t think that is a good thing or why they don’t understand the word illegal. That is not sarcasm. I truly do not understand it. As for ‘billboard.’ Please, every president has signature ideas. Wasn’t Healthcare/Obamacare Obama’s billboard? Please don’t applaud something like that for one president and knock it on another. That’s just hypocritical in my opinion. The wall will serve a purpose to keep us as Americans safe. The wall does not mean that people cannot come to America. The wall does not mean that they cannot visit nor does it mean they cannot come and become American citizens the right way. They are more than welcome to do that. Let me answer your example with an example that I heard on the radio. A guy robs a bank and puts the money into a trust fund for his kid. Should the kid keep the money? The wall has a purpose. It is in the best interest.

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      2. First off, let me make it clear that I embrace your right to have your opinions and your voice is always welcome here. The truth can not be told without knowing both points of view in any situation. So I thank you for your engagement.
        Now, you are correct that the illegal immigration level has dropped to an all time low in 2017 and even I must attribute that to our current political environment. But, and there is always a but, the illegal immigration level has been dropping steadily since it’s peak in 2007. There is no reason to believe this trend will reverse itself anytime soon. So what will our 25 billion, that we can not afford, going to get us? I just believe that this money is better spent elsewhere. What is the harm in waiting a few more years and see where our economy leads us.


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