I want to say, “Who the hell cares.”

When seemingly every newspaper in the country reported that Trump lied when he said his State of the Union address was the most viewed in history, my bottom jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Not because Trump lied for the 2020th time since taking office, but because there might be anyone left in America that would actually believe anything he says in the first place. I mean, I’ve even been known to say things like, “I told you a million times not to wipe your nose on your sleeve.” Just a little innocent exaggerating, right. So seriously, does it warrant taking up our valuable time when there are so many other pressing problems that need our attention?


By now even his staunchest supporters have to understand that every Tweet, every email and yes every conversation he has with his cronies on the golf course is going to be scrutinized and analyzed by thousands of fact checkers. Now I realize that this was not the way the world was when young Donald was running around grabbing women by their P!@#$%^, but that is the way things are now. I’m positive that there are people out there right now scrutinizing this post to make sure all the commas are in the right place. So for Trump to blatantly ignore the truth, means that he really doesn’t care what kind of defecation fall from his lips. He is so narcissistic, that he believes that once he makes a statement that it will immediately come true. Just another example of a president that believes the American people are stupid.

So yes, I do care…and so should you.

13 thoughts on “I want to say, “Who the hell cares.”

  1. My personal thought is there comes a point when it’s better just to ignore the whole damned thing. If having opinions about it, knowing about it, doesn’t come with being able to do something about it, dwelling on it is a waste of time.

    I came to that conclusion back when Bill Clinton came to office and began his Third Way movement destruction of the New Deal. By the second term, I decided simply to try to get through presidential terms without knowing which clown is in office.

    That lasted until 9/11….. I never managed to get back into it enough, so I’ve known who every president since then was. And never could do a damned thing about any of it.

    For me I hope now is a good time to renew my efforts in that regard.

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      1. ...in my Mind's Eye | Pablo Cuzco

        You would think so. But it doesn’t seem to work anymore. No matter how often the truth is brought out, nothing comes of it.

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      2. ...in my Mind's Eye | Pablo Cuzco

        Yes. I think people are too wrapped up with social media news bytes. They’ve stopped using their faculties. Keep on fighting the good fight, Jerry. You’re in one of the main battlefields over there.


  2. Trump’s method to his madness is to lie so much and so often that people will just tune him out , shrug their shoulders, and say, “Well, that’s Trump.” Then he can go about changing America from a democracy to an autocracy and have him, his daughter, and his sons in charge for years to come. You don’t seriously think he’s going to voluntarily give up the throne in 3 or 7 years, do you?

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  3. ...in my Mind's Eye | Pablo Cuzco

    PT Barnum incarnate. “The Greatest Show on Earth” is happening as we reel from the insanity of this conman who is getting away with murder.

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  4. sigh 😦 He is so upsetting to me. 😦

    I do care, too.

    PS…UGHS! I bet he thinks he deserves a whole channel/station “Trump TV” where he can blabber on 24/7/365 and people will watch! He’d say “It is THE most watched channel in the history of the universe and blah blah blah…” 😛


  5. The man is a walking lie.

    He has absolutely no credibility. There is no reason anybody should believe anything that comes out of his mouth or that he spreads in his tweets. And yet there are people who love him because he speaks to them. They love the fight he takes to the institutions of America. That his “fight” is more important than honesty and credibility says everything you need to know about his supporters.

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