Ah yes there’s the rub; life’s small transitions

A birth to youth, youth to age, age to death

Much too quickly my brothers and sisters

Have passed through their veil of reality

And now join the orchestra of rapture

Too quickly I follow their lanterns glow

Sing to me a song, my Angels of grief

I can’t remember my life from before

Carefree and chasing the forever more

4 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. I feel a contentment in your words Jerry, but also the loss of those who have gone before us. I read this out loud and the words sang a beautiful melody of hope. Love the “the their lanterns glow” lanterns always hold a special meaning for me.


  2. Davy D

    A great piece of poetry Jerry and one that reveals more with each reading. The poem ends as quickly as life itself and leaves you asking the question where did it go?


  3. Heartfelt and true, Jerry. We can all relate.
    Part of life is the passing time. But nobody told us that was to come before we entered this life. 🙂 We had no say in entering and we will have no say in passing, so we must make the inbetween time the bestest! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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