Among the Stars and Moon

Among the Stars and Moon

You told me so many stories

Tales of someday very soon

Your God would lift our mortal veil

And we would join the stars and moon


I paid no heed to your warnings

For I was innocent and young

I had so many dreams to live

Too many songs left yet unsung


Tonight the ring broke the silence

Told me your words had come to pass

That your God sent down his Angels

And they welcomed you home at last


Now, that age has crept upon me

Can’t help but think about it all

How, in my life, I seldom prayed

That’s if I ever prayed at all


If it’s not too late my brother

I’ll learn that celestial tune

So that we might dance together

Out there, among the stars and moon

26 thoughts on “Among the Stars and Moon

  1. Jerry,
    What a warm and beautiful poem. Thank you.
    Yes, youth is a time when we normally don’t think much about death. Depending on what each person meets. Your poem about putting no heed to the warnings, you had so many songs yet unsung. Isn’t that the truth though.

    Your last stanza is so soft and warm. Here comes acceptance of a new stage of life and knowing loss.

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  2. every word arranged just like the stars on the velvet sky, I am blessed by your words. I feel a rush of emotions, appreciating the life I have been given, enduring loss and yet knowing love still surrounds me. powerful Jerry, just amazing.

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  3. It’s always sad to lose someone we love. But, to think of them in that better place helps us let go.
    Great poem, Jerry!
    Dancing amongst the moon and stars! Love that!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS….I shared some of my poetry in my lastest blog, if you care to read! Eek! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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