Happy New Year my Friends

My last post on this blog was on March 7th, 2018. Not that I ran out of things to say, just that I found myself becoming increasingly negative about the future of humanity. I decided to take some time off and concentrate my energy on other projects. I apologize to you dear family and friends, truly wonderful brother and sister bloggers, and my many friends on various social media for abandoning you while I sorted out life.

Of course, being New Year’s Eve, I have all those normal resolutions that haunt us at this time of year… exercise more, less food intake (Notice how I avoid the word DIET, somehow it seems less stressful.)… play nicer with others. But all in all, I just want to be a better me as time moves on. Things like spending more time with my wife, my family, my friends and slowing down. (I hope.)

My wife is taking the final stages of her career to new heights. Unlike me, she enjoys the 9 to 5 and thrives on hard work and all that crap. Me, I prefer to do as little as possible and 2019 will find me working just enough to keep me from cabin fever. Although, I find that I do like having the daily interaction with customers and co-worker just so I will be reminded that my life could have turned out much worse.

So, as 2018 winds its way into the history books, I would like to wish everyone a joyous and health New Year.


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