A New Day

It’s 3 degrees here in the frozen northland. Winter has finally descended upon us. Autumn was a nice run as we enjoyed the warmer than normal temperatures. But the last week has brought nothing but dismal skies and colder weather reminding me of where I live.

But the sun made an appearance today for the first time in a while. I watched it from my writing nest as it rose above the low mountains. A sunrise that was truly a site to behold. The eastern horizon was so bright that it made me want to close my eyes yet I could not look away as the sky filled with the beautiful colors of dawn. But it quickly faded into the haze of winter’s sky and disappeared.

Like life, there are things and people that flash into our lives and bring us great joy. Never forget that those moments or those friends could be taken away just as quickly as the sun can fade behind a cloud. So we must cherish every second we have to share and live our lives as if there will be no tomorrow.

Enjoy each day to the fullest and you will not regret the past.

Have a great beginning to a fantastic new year.

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