The Daily Fortune Cookie 1/7/2019

After contemplating on the meaning of Deb’s fortune yesterday, I’ve decided that part of my new look at life will include my version of ‘The Fortune Cookie of the Day’.

Today’s fortune: It’s amazing what can be accomplished if you don’t care who takes the credit.

I know that in the past I was a huge ‘LIKE’ junkie. Posting on social media was my way to get some instant gratification. But it was that way of thinking that drove me away from writing for a while. If I couldn’t write something that got a lot of likes or comments then I assumed it had no value. Eventually, self-doubt became so great that I just gave up. Like any heroin junkie it took some time (some of it banging my head against the wall) to realize that if I had something to say…I should just say it. So if I believe in something or if my imagination just conjures it up, I will write it. If you like it fine. If not, then just scroll on. That ok. Now, what kind of amazing things do think could get done if congress and our president decided that it did not make a difference which party got the credit. Perhaps if they can’t figure it out, they should just post a survey on Facebook. After all, we were pretty good at choosing if we wanted team Edward or team Jacob

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