Your Daily Fortune Cookie – 1/14/2019

“You will witness a miracle.”

 Most of us will read these words and think to ourselves, “Yeah right. Miracles, if they exist at all, only happen once in forever.” I know in the past when I thought about miracles, I believed it had to be some great event. Like aliens landing and bringing us world peace, accidently inventing a cure for cancer or winning the Powerball. We have become so out of tune with what a miracle is that we don’t see them when they happen right in front of us. Just keep your eyes and ears open to the world and watch the hundreds of miracles that occur every day.

For example, around the world 353,000 babies are born each day. Or how about the 1000 people every year that survive being shot in the head. Then there are the smallest of things, a dog finds its way home to its family after traveling hundreds of miles. A cat that has lost both front legs still walks. A flower pushes its way through the tiniest of cracks in a concrete sidewalk somewhere in the heart of the busiest cities in the world. Snow and ice melts from the bottom up. If you only pay attention, miracles are all over the place.

I know what some of you are saying, “But Jerry, all that is science not miracles.”

I say to you my friends that science is just a way of proving how miracles work. So don’t sit around and wait for that great event to happen. Rejoice each little miracle that you witness every day.

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